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Pitch Count Displays


Portable Pitch Count Display
(two digit model)


(New! three digit model)



Completely portable.  Intended to be stored away when not in use.

Battery powered.  No wiring or trenching.

Batteries (AA alkaline, included) will last several years in normal use.

Wireless RF full function remote control included.

Easy setup at the meet.  Unit slips on and off a common 1-1/2" pipe.

Super bright high contrast displays are easily viewable by spectators.

Rugged gasketed water resistant case.

Size: 30" wide, 16" tall, 3" deep.  Weight: 13 pounds.  (Mounting location recommendations)

User serviceable.  All components plug in and out.  Proudly made and supported in the USA.

Affordable!  Two-digit model (0-99 pitches) $995 including the remote control and felt-lined vinyl slip cover.

New!  Three-digit model that can display 0-199 pitches  $1125, including remote control and felt-lined vinyl slip cover.


Remote Control for Pitch Count Display
Remote Control Included
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Vinyl protective slip cover.

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ScoreTronics scoreboards are proudly made in the USA.

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