PPC-4 Mounting Locations

The ideal mounting location for the PPC-4 is five to ten feet past first (or third) base, in the fence line, and angled towards home plate.  This location and angle allows a good view by the spectators on both sides, the coaches, and the majority of players.

The PPC-4 has four inch tall digits, which have a rated viewing distance of 160 feet, meaning that people with average vision can comfortably see it at 160 feet.  (People with good vision can see it beyond 200 feet).  In the recommended mounting locations, the unit is just as readable as an outfield scoreboard.

There are a number of alternate mounting locations for the PPC-4.  These include on top of the dugout, behind the backstop, and others...   Contact ScoreTronics for helpful ideas on your unique field.


Foul Balls:

The PPC-4 was designed for this close-in location and was engineered to withstand occasional hits by foul balls.  (Customers indicate that this occurs on average less than once per season).  The front panel is made of thick polycarbonate (Lexan), an extremely tough material.  Please contact ScoreTronics if you would like further information on this.

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