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PPC-4 Display Options/Pricing

Vinyl Protective Slip Cover

   This felt lined vinyl cover slips over the unit when it is not in use.  Its primary purpose is to keep the unit clean and protect from scuffs and scratches while the scoreboard is in storage or being transported to and from the site.  Highly recommended.  As of April, 2017, this slip cover is now included with the unit.

Price:  $29  (This is the cost for a replacement slip cover)

Sponsor Panel

   The sponsor panel is used to hold an advertising sign.  The panel size is the full width of the scoreboard and approximately half the height of the scoreboard (30-1/8" x 7").  The panel is hinged and flips down for storage when not in use.  Advertising signs with computer cut lettering and logos are typically obtained from a local sign shop at a cost of about $30, and are usually attached to the sponsor panel with double-faced sign tape.  The sponsor panel is currently available for only the two-digit model.

Price:  $85


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