ScoreTronics Inc., manufacturers of portable remote controlled scoreboards.

  Information for Canadian Buyers


The prices shown on this website are in US dollars.

Shipping costs:  The postal service "Priority Mail International" is the most economical way to ship scoreboards to Canada, and for example the cost is $120.85 for insured postage to postal code S9V 1V7 (Saskatchewan).  The postal service doesn't have customs broker fees, and they state that the typical time in transit is 6-10 days for this service.  (We have seen it take 5 to 13 days.)  

The cost to ship an "Outdoor" tripod to the Saskatchewan example by the postal service is $67.20.  (It is shipped in a 43" x 8" x 8", 11 pound box.)

UPS ground is an alternative that is faster and has a lower up-front cost, which varies by distance from Chicago.  For example $71 to Toronto for two-day ground service and $77 to Edmonton for five-day ground service.  But UPS has a customs broker fee, typically in the $60-70 range, which is collected when the package is delivered, which makes the total cost higher than the postal service.  But the UPS delivery time is faster.

Express air shipments to Canada are available though UPS and FedEx.  Contact us for a quote.

Duties:  There are no duties on the import of our products per NAFTA agreements--these units are made in the US.  

Taxes:  Typically, the carrier will collect the Canadian HST/GST/PST at the time the package is delivered, plus a $5 fee for handling the tax.  You may be able to get some of the taxes refunded for certain organizations--check with your tax accountant.

Reaching us:  If you have any problems reaching us on our toll free number 888-456-1970, please call us at 630-323-4600 and let us know you are calling from Canada.  We will immediately return the call so the rest of the call is on us.

Thank you, and we look forward to serving you!