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PRC Options/Pricing

Vinyl Protective Slip Cover

   This felt lined vinyl cover slips over the unit when it is not in use.  Its primary purpose is to keep the unit clean and protect from scuffs and scratches while the clock/timer is in storage or being transported to and from the event.  Highly recommended.

Price:  $29


Custom Front Panel Graphics

    The large blank area (29" x 7.5") on the front of the unit is the perfect place for a sponsor message, team name, or slogan.  (29" x 6.5" on the -6 model).  Graphics that fit this area can be made and applied by your local sign shop, or ordered through ScoreTronics partner Cynosure, for typically $25-$35.  Computer cut lettering and logos, and even full color images are possible.  By choosing Cynosure, the custom graphics can be applied to the unit before it ships so your unit arrives with the customization.  Just tell Cynosure your layout idea, and they will create a custom graphic overlay that will fit the PRC perfectly.  See Cynosure's web page for details on ordering an overlay for the PRC.



   When operated in count down mode, this optional 108 DB horn that sounds for two seconds when the clock counts down to zero.  Horn is located in the upper right portion of the front panel.  Used for fixed time events.  The horn can also be triggered manually from the remote control.

Price:  $45


Remote Controlled "Easy Button"

   We developed this as a special for a self-timed Navy Seals obstacle course, where the participant would slap a large button to start the timer, run the course, then slap the button again to stop the timer and display the finish time (which included tenths and hundredths of a second).  This button is similar to the slap button at the top of the wall in the TV show "Ninja Warriors".  Click here for a picture of the special unit with the remote controlled "Easy Button", and here for a video of the unit in action.

The large palm button used for this is a fully industrial-rated water-proof button (our cost for the button alone is $100), mounted in a watertight enclosure, with a ScoreTronics remote control also inside the enclosure.  Pressing the "Easy Button" triggers the remote control to send a Clock Run/Stop command.

This button/enclosure/remote usually takes the place of the standard remote control that comes with a PRC model.

Price:  $150  (substituting for the standard remote)


Count Up/Count Down

    The standard program in the unit includes the ability to change the count mode to count up or count down.  Count up is used to time the length of a task, such as 5K/10K/Marathon and cross country running events.  Count down is used to time fixed length events, often with the optional horn sounding when the clock counts down to zero.  (The optional horn does not automatically operate when the unit is operating in count up mode).  

To provide the best convenience, the unit is factory programmed to power up in either count down or count up mode, and this is specified at the time of ordering.

Price:  No Charge--Standard Feature.  Specify the desired count direction that you would like the unit will power up with.


Preset Time Setting

    In count down applications, the standard program in the unit will remember the time setting that was last set with with Hr, Min, and Sec buttons.  After the unit counts down to zero, a two-button combination on the remote will instantly return the clock to this last time setting.  Most count down applications use the same time settings over and over, and this auto-remember feature allows returning to the previous time quickly and easily.

    Of course, if you need to set any different time setting, the Hr, Min, and Sec buttons can be used to set any desired beginning time.

    While the auto-remember feature is more versatile, there are some applications where a single fixed recall time is desirable instead of the auto-remember feature.  This can be provided at no charge at the time of order.  If you have questions on this, please feel free to contact ScoreTronics to discuss your application.

Price:  No Charge.


Hanging Eyes

    The PRC can be hung from various structures (like a finish line arch) when ordered with this option.  This option adds two eyebolts/eyehooks on the top of the unit to allow chains or ropes to suspend the unit from a suitable structure above.  As with all overhead structures, sturdy and redundant methods are needed if personnel will be underneath the structures.

Price:  $10


Flat/Hard Surface Tripod

    ScoreTronics offers a sturdy folding tripod for use on flat/hard surfaces indoors and outdoors.  It is constructed of black aluminum, extends to 76", and has a base diameter of 40".  It folds to 42" when not in use and weighs just 6 pounds.  If used outdoors and wind is a possibility, it is imperative that the legs be sandbagged down to prevent tipping in the wind.  Includes tripod adapter sleeve (see below).  Click here for flat surface tripod picture

Price:  $95


Grass/Sand/Soil Tripod

    For use outdoors on soft uneven surfaces like grass, sand, or soil, ScoreTronics offers a sturdy folding tripod designed for this purpose.  It is constructed of sturdy aluminum, extends to 63", and has spiked leg tips that can be stepped into the ground.  The legs are individually adjustable for use on uneven ground.  It folds to 39" when not in use and weighs just 8 pounds. Comes with carrying shoulder strap.  This tripod is much more stable outdoors on grass than the Flat/Hard Surface Tripod above because the legs can be spread wider and have spiked tips.  But not suitable for use on hard surfaces because of the spiked leg tips.  Includes the necessary adapter fittings and a lightweight aluminum version of the ScoreTronics mounting pipe.  Click here for Grass/Soil/Sand tripod picture

Price:  $119


Adapter Sleeve/Tabletop Steady Rest

    This is the adapter sleeve that comes with the Flat/Hard Surface Tripod above, available separately here.  It adapts the native pipe mounting of the scoreboard (nominal diameter 1.9") to allow using a stand that has a 1.50" diameter end.  The adapter is designed to be retained in the scoreboard but can be removed when needed.  The adapter has an additional function of providing a rear steadying support when the scoreboard is used in tabletop applications.  You would order this if you want to use your own stands that have 1.50" diameter ends, or if you want to use the scoreboard on a tabletop.  Keep in mind that tabletops are generally not the best place to display a scoreboard, because this height is less visible and will often have the view of the unit blocked by players and spectators.  See PRC-4 Mounting Options for better mounting options.

Price:  $20


AC Powered

    The standard unit is battery powered.  In applications where AC power is readily available and more convenient (for instance, permanent wall mounting of the unit near an outlet) this option allows the unit to be powered by AC instead of batteries.  With this option, the battery packs are removed and an AC adapter power jack is added to the back of the unit, and an AC adapter (plug-in wall cube) is provided.  This unit comes with special hardware and firmware to keep the unit on and ready at all times, (thus not automatically powering down in an hour of un-use which is normally done to save battery power.)  This unit is ready to go whenever the AC power is on.

Price:  No Charge.  Specify at time of order.


Dual Power

    This option allows operation by batteries OR by AC power.  This would be useful if the unit was used outdoors (where AC power is not available) for part of the time, and then brought indoors (where AC power is available) at other times.  With this option, the scoreboard is equipped with hardware and firmware that, like the battery powered model, completely turns the unit off when it isn't being used. (The user would press the "on" button on the top of the unit to wake up the unit).  With this option, both the battery packs AND the AC adapter power jack/wall cube are provided.  The batteries used in this option are the same as the standard battery powered model, which will provide approximately 55 hours of clock running time on the -4 models, and 100 hours on the -6 model. 

Price:  $25.  Specify at time of order.


About the Batteries...

    The battery powered and dual-powered versions of the PRC use standard alkaline batteries (16).  ScoreTronics scoreboards are unique in the industry, allowing alkaline batteries to power a scoreboard with a clock for over 55 hours of clock running time (100 hours on the -6 model), with NO battery attention whatsoever. (That's no recharging, no bringing it to a building that has AC power, no one forgetting to plug it in, etc).  55 or 100 hours of clock running time is enough for a full year's use in most applications.  The design goal of this product was to provide a battery powered unit that requires only once-a-year attention (compared to daily attention for a system that uses rechargeable batteries).  The cost of a set of 16 AA alkaline batteries (for a year's worth of operation in most applications) is less than $6.  (In the -6 model, 16 "D" cells cost about $16, for 100 hours of running time!)  The remote control uses a single 9V battery that has an expected life of 5-10 years.


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