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PBC-4 Scoreboard Options/Pricing


Vinyl Protective Slip Cover

   This felt lined vinyl cover slips over the unit when it is not in use.  Its primary purpose is to keep the unit clean and protect from scuffs and scratches while the scoreboard is in storage or being transported to and from the game.  Highly recommended in portable applications.

Price:  $29


Indoor Tripod

    While using a pole or standard or wall fixture is preferred, when this is not possible or practical, tripods can be used.  ScoreTronics offers a sturdy folding indoor tripod.  It is constructed of black aluminum, extends to 76", and has a base diameter of 40".  It folds to 42" when not in use and weighs just 6 pounds.  This tripod can be used indoors or outdoors on level surfaces in non-windy areas.  (If wind is a possibility the tripod legs must be sandbagged down.)  Generally not suitable for use on grass.  Includes tripod adapter (see below).  Click here for indoor tripod picture

Price:  $95


Outdoor Tripod

    While installing a pole at the field is preferred, when this is not possible or practical, tripods can be used.  ScoreTronics offers a sturdy folding tripod for use on grass, soil, or sand.  It is constructed of aluminum, extends to 63", and has a spiked leg tips that can be stepped into the ground.  It folds to 39" when not in use and weighs just 8 pounds. Comes with carrying shoulder strap.  Not suitable for use on hard surfaces because of the spiked leg tips.  Includes the necessary adapter fittings and a lightweight aluminum version of the ScoreTronics mounting pipe.  Click here for outdoor tripod picture

Price:  $119


AC Powered

    The standard scoreboard is battery powered.  In applications where AC power is readily available and more convenient (for instance, permanent wall mounting of the scoreboard near an outlet) this option allows the unit to be powered by AC instead of batteries.  With this option the battery packs are removed and an AC adapter power jack is added to the back of the unit.  An AC adapter (plug-in wall cube) is provided.  This unit comes with special hardware and firmware to keep the unit on and ready at all times, (thus not automatically powering down in an hour of un-use which is normally done to save battery power.)  This unit is ready to go whenever the AC power is on.

Price:  No Charge.  Specify at time of order.


Dual Power

    This option allows operation by batteries OR by AC power.  This would be useful if the scoreboard was used outdoors (where AC power is not available) for part of the time, and then brought indoors (where AC power is available) for part of the time.  With this option, the scoreboard is equipped with hardware and firmware that, like the battery powered model, completely turns the unit off when it isn't being used. (The user would press the "on" button on the top of the unit to wake up the unit).  With this option, both the battery packs AND the AC adapter power jack/wall cube are provided.  The batteries in this model, like the standard battery powered model, are standard alkaline AA batteries, which will provide approximately 50 hours of clock running time. 

Price:  $25.  Specify at time of order.


Scores-Only Remote Control

    This palm-sized remote control operates the two scores only.  If your organization does not wish for the players to control the clock, they can give this remote control to the players instead.  Has three buttons:  Green Score, Red Score, Clear (reset) Score.

Price:  $95


Alkaline Batteries...

    The battery powered and dual powered versions of the PBC-4 use standard alkaline batteries (16).  ScoreTronics scoreboards are unique in the industry, allowing alkaline batteries to power a scoreboard with a clock for over 50 hours of clock running time (500 hours on models without a clock, or on clock models without the clock running), with NO battery attention whatsoever. (That's no recharging, no bringing it to a building that has AC power, no remembering to plug it in, etc).  These running times are enough for a full year's use in most organizations.  The design goal of this product was to provide a battery powered unit that required only once-a-year attention (compared to daily or weekly attention for a system that uses rechargeable batteries).  The cost of a set of 16 AA alkaline batteries (for a year's worth of operation in most applications) is less than $8.



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