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Circuit Training / Weight Training Timer


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Circuit Training / Weight Training Timer


Exercise/Rest timer for circuit training/weight training programs (i.e. "Curves(tm)", "Active@AnyAge(tm)", school weight rooms, fitness centers, and others).  Provides visual and audible indications of the current activity, as well as number countdown.  Has many other uses as a general purpose interval timer as well, for instance "auction pace timer".  For circuit training/interval training with the additional ability to count sets when needed, also see our Interval Training Timer, which includes this selectable feature.

Big, bright status lights for current activity.  Green=Exercising, Red=Rest/Changing machines.

Loud (up to 93 DB) beeper/chime to signal the beginning of exercise/rest periods.  Beeper/chime volume is adjustable, and has a different sound at the beginning of the two periods, allowing audible cueing without watching the unit.  Optional louder buzzer is available.

Large 4" tall LED digits for time countdown.  Easy to see at 160 feet.  Great for large or small rooms.

Mode for HIIT Tabata Protocol (8 repetitions of 20/10).

Simple to use!  Just plug it in and go.  The unit comes with several popular time periods already programmed, and changing these settings is very easy.

AC powered.  Wall cube (AC adapter) with 4 foot cord supplied.

Size:  9.5" wide by 6.3" tall by 1.4" deep.  Hangs on the wall like a clock.

Time periods:  The unit has nine user-settable channels that can be set with different exercising and resting times.  The times can be set using a range of 1-99 seconds, 0.1-9.9 minutes, or 1-99 minutes.  For example, a popular setting for circuit training is 60 seconds for exercising and 20 seconds for resting/changing machines.

When counting down in minutes or tenths of minutes, the display automatically switches to seconds countdown in the last minute.  Great for those users who are watching the clock, just waiting for the particular activity to end.

Remote control is included.

One year standard warranty.  Quality long-life displays and components throughout.  Proudly made and supported in USA.

Price: $399, ready for use.

Circuit Training / Weight Training Timer Remote Control
Remote Control Included
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Extra loud horn option.  Replaces the "chime" sound with a louder (108DB), industrial sounding buzzer used in scoreboards.  For use in areas with high noise levels.  No charge for louder horn instead of chime sound.

DC Extension cable.  3 feet or 6 feet long $6/$8.  Use if your AC wall outlet is farther than four feet from the CTT-4P.

For shelf or tripod use, "L" shaped bracket to hold the CTT-4P upright on a shelf or table, also has 1/4-20 fitting to allow the use of a camera tripod.  $35  Click here for pictures and details.

Three-sided hanging bracket.  Hangs from the ceiling and holds three CTT-4P's facing three directions.  $200   Includes Master/Sync system below.  Click here for pictures of the bracket in use.  

New!  Master/Sync system.  When two or more units are being used in a 2, 3, or 4 sided display, this system allows one unit to be the master and the other units to sync their displays, lights, and chimes to the master unit.  The system also brings the remote control sensors from all the units in to the master so the remote control will work from any side.  $15/timer when ordered with a new timer.  Included for no charge with the three sided hanging bracket above.  The Master/Sync system can also be retrofitted to existing units--contact us for details.

Custom programs.  If you need a different timing sequence, for instance, count down once and stop, or a "chirp" from the beeper halfway through the exercising period to let exercisers know to change hands/arms/legs, custom programs of all kinds can be created.  Simple variations can be done for as little as $50.  Contact ScoreTronics with your requirements.

The 0-99 minutes mode, 0-9.9 minutes mode, Tabata Protocol, and auto switching to seconds can be added to most earlier CTT-4P's with an inexpensive chip update.  New program chip and instructions: $10

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