CTT/CDT  Shelf & Tripod Bracket Accessory

Circuit Training Timer Shelf & Tripod Bracket
CTT/CDT Shelf & Tripod Bracket Accessory          

CTT/CDT Shown on Bracket
CTT/CDT w/Bracket on Tripod

The majority of users will hang the CTT/CDT on the wall, similar to the way a clock mounts.  In other applications, for instance portable and one-on-one use, it may be desirable to place the unit on a shelf or table, or on a tripod.  The accessory CTT/CDT Shelf & Tripod bracket will hold the CTT-4P or CDT-4 freestanding upright for use on a shelf or a table.  It also has a camera tripod fitting on the bottom for attaching to a camera tripod.

The bracket is made of sturdy, lightweight 16 gauge aluminum and is powder coated satin black.  The CTT/CDT attaches to the bracket with two screws (included), which slip through the teardrop holes in the back of the CTT/CDT.  A means is provided to tighten the screws after installation if desired.  The 1/4"-20 female thread in the bottom of the bracket will accept most camera tripod screws.

The price for the CTT/CDT Shelf & Tripod Bracket accessory is $35.  It can ship in the same package with a new CTT/CDT with no additional shipping cost.