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PHS-4 Scoreboard Options/Pricing

Vinyl Protective Slip Cover

   This felt lined vinyl cover slips over the unit when it is not in use.  Its primary purpose is to keep the unit clean and protect from scuffs and scratches while the scoreboard is in storage or being transported to and from the site.  Highly recommended.

Price:  $29


Indoor Tripod

    While using a pole or standard or wall fixture is preferred, when this is not possible or practical, tripods can be used.  ScoreTronics offers a sturdy folding indoor tripod.  It is constructed of black aluminum, extends to 76", and has a base diameter of 40".  It folds to 42" when not in use and weighs just 6 pounds.  This tripod can be used indoors or outdoors on level surfaces in non-windy areas.  (If wind is a possibility the tripod legs must be sandbagged down.)  Generally not suitable for use on grass.  Includes tripod adapter (see below).  Click here for indoor tripod picture

Price:  $95


Outdoor Tripod

    While installing a pole at the field is preferred, when this is not possible or practical, tripods can be used.  ScoreTronics offers a sturdy folding tripod for use on grass, soil, or sand.  It is constructed of aluminum, extends to 63", and has a spiked leg tips that can be stepped into the ground.  It folds to 39" when not in use and weighs just 8 pounds. Comes with carrying shoulder strap.  Not suitable for use on hard surfaces because of the spiked leg tips.  Includes the necessary adapter fittings and a lightweight aluminum version of the ScoreTronics mounting pipe.  Click here for outdoor tripod picture

Price:  $119


Adapter Sleeve/Tabletop Steady Rest

    This is the adapter sleeve that comes with the Indoor Tripod above, available separately here.  It adapts the native pipe mounting of the scoreboard (nominal diameter 1.9") to allow using a stand that has a 1.50" diameter end.  The adapter is designed to be retained in the scoreboard but can be removed when needed.  The adapter has an additional function of providing a rear steadying support when the scoreboard is used in tabletop applications.  You would order this if you want to use your own stands with 1.50" diameter ends, or if you want to use the scoreboard on a tabletop.

Price:  $20


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