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PTN-4 Mounting Options

The PTN-4 has a sleeve up inside the back that accepts a 1-1/2" steel pipe.  ScoreTronics includes with the scoreboard a one-foot long piece of 1-1/2" pipe that slides up inside this sleeve, called a mounting pipe.  The top of the ScoreTronics mounting pipe has a notch that engages with a pin up inside the scoreboard that prevents the scoreboard from rotating in the wind.  The bottom of the mounting pipe is threaded to accept user-supplied 1-1/2" pipes and fittings.

Pole or Standard Mounting:  The user provides a pipe coupling and a length of 1-1/2" pipe below the mounting pipe to get the scoreboard to sufficient viewing height.  This can be a pipe set in the floor at a suitable location or attached to various structures, or a volleyball standard.

Wall Mounting:  The included mounting pipe can be attached to a user-supplied 1-1/2" elbow, nipple, and wall flange (available at local hardware stores), and the wall flange is fastened to the wall with screws.

Chain Link Fence Mounting:  The unit is ordered equipped with optional hanging eyes, and the optional chain link fence hanging guide.  The guide has hanging chains that clip/unclip from the fence, and other ends of the chains clip to the hanging eyes that on the scoreboard.  The system allows for quick setup and easy moving to other courts.

Tripod mounting:  A substantial tripod is recommended for the PTN-4 to prevent tipping.  A musician's speaker stand works well on flat level surfaces indoors and outdoors in non-windy areas.  ScoreTronics can supply a suitable tripod, with an adapter sleeve that adapts the native internal 1-1/2" pipe sleeve of the scoreboard to the 1.50" fitting on the top of the speaker stand.  Contact ScoreTronics for pricing on these parts.

Table Top Use:  The scoreboard can be placed on a table top.  The PTN-4 can stand on its own on a flat surface, but can be made much more stable in this application if a length of 1-1/2" PVC pipe is inserted into the internal sleeve to support the rear of the unit as a third support.  The tripod adapter sleeve mentioned above works well for this purpose.  While table top usage is quite do-able, it is not the best place for a portable scoreboard due to the low height.  Better visibility is obtained by locating the unit 5-6 feet off the ground.

Floor or Ground Placement:  Operating a portable scoreboard on the floor or the ground is not recommended because of the poor visibility of this situation.  Spectators and players often block the view.  The same problem occurs with an easel that holds the scoreboard at three feet.  Units this low are also subject to scuffing and damage from spectators.  The best height for a portable scoreboard is at least five to six feet off the ground.

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