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PTM-4 Mounting Options


The PTM-4 has a sleeve up inside the back that slides on to a 1-1/2" steel pipe.  ScoreTronics includes with the PTM-4 a one-foot long piece of 1-1/2" pipe that slides up inside this sleeve, called a mounting pipe.  The top of the ScoreTronics mounting pipe has a notch that engages with a pin up inside the scoreboard that prevents the scoreboard from rotating in the wind.  The bottom of the mounting pipe is threaded to fit into user-supplied 1-1/2" pipes and fittings.

Pole or Standard Mounting:  If your field allows it, the most convenient method of mounting the PTM-4 is to permanently set a six foot tall pipe in the ground at the field, and screw the ScoreTronics supplied mounting pipe to the top of this pipe.  You then just slide the PTM-4 onto this pipe for the event, and slide it off at the end of the day.  If the pipe is located near any area of play, make sure to pad the pipe to prevent injury from accidental player collisions.

Wall Mounting:  The included mounting pipe can be attached to a user-supplied 1-1/2" elbow, nipple, and wall flange (available at local hardware stores).  The wall flange is fastened to the wall with screws.

Tripod mounting:  A substantial tripod is recommended for the PTM-4 to prevent tipping.  ScoreTronics offers two tripods for use in different situations.  The "Indoor Tripod" (which is based on a musician's speaker stand) works well on flat level surfaces indoors and outdoors in non-windy areas.  It includes the tripod and an adapter sleeve that fits the tripod.  The "Outdoor Tripod" (which is based on a surveyor's tripod) has legs that can be spread wide and spikes on the legs that can be stepped into the ground to provide extra stability in the wind.  Because of the spiked legs, this tripod is suitable on grass, sand, and soil.  When the outdoor tripod is ordered, a lightweight aluminum version of the ScoreTronics mounting pipe is provided instead of the normal steel one to save weight carried to the field.

Table Top Use:  The scoreboard can be placed on a table top.  The PTM-4 will stand on its own on a flat surface, but can be made much more stable in this application if a length of 1-1/2" PVC pipe is inserted into the internal sleeve to support the rear of the unit as a third support.  The tripod adapter sleeve mentioned above can be used for this purpose as well.  Keep in mind that while portable scoreboards 'can' be used on tabletops, the ideal height for a portable scoreboard is at least 5-6 feet, to get it above the heads of players and spectators blocking the view.

Floor or Ground Placement:  Operating a portable scoreboard on the floor or the ground is not recommended because of the poor visibility of this situation.  Spectators, players, and even tall grass often blocks the view.  The same problem occurs with an easel that holds the scoreboard at three feet.  Units this low are also subject to scuffing and damage from spectators.  The best height for a portable scoreboard is at least five to six feet off the ground.

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