Mounting Locations

The ideal location for the PBA-4 is five to ten feet past first (or third) base, in the fence line, and angled towards home plate.  This location and angle allows an excellent view by the spectators on both sides, the coaches, and virtually all the players.  

When located in the recommended locations, the PBA-4 has the same or better visibility as an expensive outfield scoreboard.  And with no need for power or wiring, the PBA-4 can be used in essentially any field.

There are a number of alternate mounting locations for the PBA-4 that are within the recommended viewing range of 160 feet.   These include on top of a dugout, behind the backstop, and others...   Contact ScoreTronics for helpful ideas on your unique field.


The PBA-4 mounts by sliding onto a 1-1/2" galvanized steel pipe, which typically puts the scoreboard about 6 feet off the ground.  With no wiring of any kind it takes only a few seconds to put it up or take it down.  And bringing it in at the end of the day eliminates vandalism issues during off hours.

Pipe mounting (setting a pipe at the field) is by far the most convenient method for using the PBA-4, and 98% of customers use this method because it is so convenient.  If setting a pipe isn't possible or practical for some reason (for instance, for a traveling team), there are several alternatives, one of which is an outdoor tripod that can be used with all of our scoreboards including the PBA-4.  Contact us for information on the tripod and other alternatives.

Foul Balls:

The PBA-4 was designed for this close-in location and was designed to withstand the occasional hits of foul balls.  The front panel of the PBA-4 is made of thick Lexan (polycarbonate) -- an extremely tough material used in bullet-proof glass.  Ball hits typically just bounce off.  Contact ScoreTronics if you have questions on this subject.

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