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PCK-4 Changeable Clock Count Direction

Most sports use a clock that counts down--the clock starts out at a certain time for the period or half, and the clock counts down as the period progresses.  Normally a horn sounds when the clock gets down to zero.

Some sports do not have fixed length periods, for instance Soccer and Running events.  In these cases, you want the clock to count up, showing the length of time that has taken place.

A new feature of the PCK-4 allows the count direction on the PCK-4 can be changed by the user when desired.  This increases the versatility of the PCK-4, allowing it to used for more applications.

When ordering the PCK-4, specify the count direction that is most often used, and the unit will power up with this direction.  Changing the direction is done with a simple button combination on the remote.

The new changeable count direction feature can also be added to many earlier PCK-4 models with an easy program upgrade.  Contact ScoreTronics for details.