PCK-4 Mounting Locations

Football, Soccer, Lacrosse:

The ideal mounting location in these sports is at midfield (50 yard line), about 5 to 10 feet behind the visitors player's bench, facing the spectators.  This location gives almost everyone a great view of the scoreboard.

This location allows the PCK-4 with its four inch digits (with conservatively rated visibility of 160 feet) to take the place of a larger and much more costly end-zone mounted scoreboard in youth and amateur sports.  The PCK-4 is a fraction of the installed cost of a large end-zone permanent scoreboard, has essentially no vandalism issues (because it is brought in after the game), yet is equally visible (its smaller size is equalized by the closer mounting position).


Basketball and Hockey:

For indoor use, a mounting bracket can be easily built out of common materials to mount the PCK-4 on the wall.  It can also be mounted on the top of a volleyball standard, or even tripod mounted.  Because no AC power or cabling of any kind is required, there are a lot of choices in mounting locations.

For outdoor use, the preferred mounting method is a six foot pipe set in the ground, to which you would attach the 12 inch pipe supplied by ScoreTronics.  The scoreboard simply slides over the pipe.  Tripods can also be used (ScoreTronics offers two tripods for use with the PCK-4), or brackets can be fabricated to attach the scoreboard to an existing pole.  Again because of the lack of the need for AC power or cabling of any kind, you can put the PCK-4 almost anywhere that is convenient.

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